lunes, 29 de mayo de 2017

The rare case of Antony, the person who claims that Satan lives in his body

In the Philippines, a man suffers from a strange skin disease, he seems to have suffered severe burns, but the worst thing is that due to this illness he has had to endure the ridicule and criticism of people throughout his life.

According to information released by the newspaper Mirror, Antonio was born with the skin disease called ichthyosis, due to his appearance his mother abandoned him at the age of 12 years. His father has never seen him, he abandoned them before he was born.

All his childhood Antonio spent next to his grandmother, who was in charge of educating him and attending him as if it were his own son.

This terrible disease causes your skin to look hard as if it were part of the bark of a tree, a darker color than normal, with cracks and sores that cause severe pain. However, the hardest thing is that since his little neighbors and school friends say that he is the snake man.

But these ridicule has not mattered, until very recently still went out to the local market and the park. Unfortunately the disease has only worsened over time.

His skin is becoming harder and thicker and is that the disease has been spreading and now reached his face, so that little by little has been losing sight.

For several months now he has not left his humble home, he is suffering a terrible depression and only spends his time studying and disarming electronic devices, because the people in his city is increasingly disrespectful to him, they say he is not human.

Antonio, for his part, is convinced that he was the victim of a curse, he is sure that Satan took over his body and his soul.

Despite what he believes some organizations that have approached Antonio, but one in particular has dedicated enormous effort to his situation, this association took him to a hospital to be attended. Unfortunately doctors say that their rare disease has no cure, but they hope to get a treatment that allows them to live without so much pain and to end the progression of the disease.

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